Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan meeting the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

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Astana, Kazakhstan – July 12, 2012:Today the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Mr. Askhat Daulbayev had a meeting with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mrs. Navenethem Pillay.

Having opened the meeting, the Prosecutor General spoke about the specific steps taken by Kazakhstan in the field of strengthening human rights protection, implementing of the UN recommendations on human rights, he emphasized that the accession of our country to major international treaties on human rights made this issue become the subject of special attention for prosecutors.

Mrs. Pillay expressed her appreciation for cooperation, having noted that she considers this meeting very important, and was content for the dynamic interaction in human rights protection.

“We are very pleased with the steps taken in Kazakhstan in the field of human rights observation”, noted Mrs. Pillay. “We are encouraged by the idea of ​​ the national preventive mechanism against torture and we stand ready to support other progressive initiatives aimed at protecting fundamental constitutional rights of people”, she underlined.

An engaged conversation on human rights issues took place during the meeting, particularly, special attention was paid to the investigation of Zhanaozen developments, as well as the torture prevention.

Informing the guest about the investigation results in details, А.Daulbayev underlined the openness and transparency of the prosecution service activities during the investigation of this incident. The court hearings were conducted openly, in the presence of relatives of the accused, defenders, international observers, public organizations and mass media. The courtroom was equipped with video surveillance cameras, sound system and microphones; the screen and projector for watching video materials were available.

Interim detention isolators of Zhanaozen and Aktau had been visited by the «Penal reform international» (PRI) representatives and public monitoring commissions that noted the detention conditions of the arrested persons comply with all requirements and there were not determined any facts of torture or ill-treatment.

By-turn, Mrs. Pillay recommended starting international independent investigation of the events.

Regarding the issues of fight against torture, the Prosecutor General spoke about the legislative and practical measures taken to combat torture. In particular, he noted that the overall supervision on observance of the rights of individuals in penitentiary institutions made it substantial for the Prosecutor General’s office to create a special department on supervision over the places of deprivation of freedom and interim detention. The interlocutors agreed that the investigation and the court should not take into account the evidence and statements obtained by torture, and the detention conditions of citizens shall comply with international standards.

N.Pillay expressed her content with the dialogue and underlined that the main purpose of her visit was to establish a closer cooperation in the field of human rights protection. А.Daulbayev confirmed that the Prosecutor General's office of Kazakhstan is open for dialogue and collaboration with the UN regional competent authorities on human rights.


Prosecutor General’s office of Kazakhstan,
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